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High Saturated Fats Alter the Proteome of People with Metabolic Syndrome

Rangel-Zuniga’s recent research publication,1 which describes proteomic changes resulting from dietary lipids, may be valuable to anyone with a scientific – or even personal – interest in metabolic syndrome.

Rangel-Zunigal and his research team wanted to determine whether diets that vary in the quantity and quality of fatty acids would influence the proteome (the set of […]

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Could CAIX and CAXII Expression in Breast Cancer Sentinel Lymph Nodes Predict Metastasis?

Sentinel lymph nodes (SLN) immediately surround breast tumors. The invasion of cancer cells into the SLN is an early sign of metastasis. Being able to predict such an invasion would assist clinicians in making better treatment decisions for individual patients.

Eom et al1 investigated the relationship between SLN metastasis and the expression of carbonic anhydrase IX […]

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Metabolic Syndrome: Understanding the Risk Factors

The risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome are dyslipidemia, hypertension, central obesity and hyperglycemia.1 But what exactly is each of these conditions? How are they defined? And what is their role in metabolic syndrome?
Central Obesity
Central obesity has an ethnic and country specific definition, but it generally refers to increased waist circumference due to fat deposition […]

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